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Music Lessons Tailored to YOU

At KG Music Studio, we understand and love that every student has their own unique needs and goals. We provide music lessons tailored to each individual, and deliver a well-rounded music education that keeps fun at the forefront! This flexible approach creates an environment where students feel safe to take creative risks and express themselves through music. We absolutely believe that a teacher learns as much from the student as the student learns from them, and are so thankful for what each student brings to the KG Studio family!

Our Services

Voice Lessons

Voice lessons are always personalized according to each student's current abilities and goals. Lessons will include vocal exercises as well as repertoire selections appropriate for the student's vocal development and preferences. Voice lessons are generally appropriate for students age 9+, but if you have any questions about student readiness, I'm happy to do a consultation!

Microphone Stool
Piano Keyboard

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are great for students of all ages and experience levels. Each lesson will include elements of technique and music theory, as well as repertoire from across all genres. Piano lessons are a great place to start on your musical journey!

Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons offer a fun and very versatile approach to music learning! Each lesson will include elements of technique and music theory, as well as repertoire from a wide range of genres. Accommodations can be made for smaller hands, however I generally suggest guitar for students age 8+.

Electric Guitar
Bass Guitar Strings

Bass Lessons

Because the bass is larger than the guitar, bass lessons are great for older students as well as guitar students looking to expand their skillset!

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